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Hi, what's your name?


Before a product or a company is named, we have very little power to handle it or to label it.

And we can’t communicate it clearly.

Naming provides a hook, off which we start to hang an entire web of meaning. And without meaning, we can’t  communicate.

Once we begin to see that a useful concept is starting to emerge, we need to start the search for a name, iterating the name with the concept, until the two come together.

Some names are perfect, some are fine and most of them are bad. Finding the right name is work.

Names help us move forward, by providing a common hook, a symbol attached to a body of meaning. They also get in the way.

Names are tools and can become barriers if they are not right.

Naming is a powerful tool. Naming allows us to bring to bear the true expertise of human beings — our ability to cooperate around concepts. Names are the building blocks of everything we do.

Every company or product needs a name, this is basic communication, name it to recognize it. Without a name any concept will remain unshaped, and find a name you may not want.

Let us help you choosing well.

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