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You always hear that your logo is the most important part of your company’s visual identity.

Well, yes and no.

Depends on your business and the way you are using your logo. As a product that needs to compete with others on supermarket shelves, maybe. As a company using its name more than its visual translation, not really.

The way you look is beyond a simple logo.

At MPG, we think global, we think 'image' and 'identity'.

We prefer talking about graphic environment than just an impacting logo, about full communication than simple visual representation.

We combine your story, your activity/business, your target and your goals to create your communication environment.

In communication, words and visuals are linked.

We are not specialized in any closed business universe. Why? Because specialization is the end of creativity. We believe in mix, surprise and shift. The best way to create a customized, different and more memorable communication.

We like cultural and visual diversity. Our clients are located in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, China, and the US.

And the industries are diversified too: Pharmaceutical companies, Food, Finance, Publishing, Real Estate, Recycling...

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